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1. Select a planting site in early spring. Choose a site that receives full sun. If a sunny place is unavailable, ensure the selected planting area receives a minimum of six hours
Are you in an area where Japanese Beetle is common? If so, garlic or chives may help repel said beetle, and might therefore be good companions to your raspberry bushes.
Raspberry and Blackberry plants are best planted in the spring. I would suggest sometime about the first of April for your area. If you are thinking of these, one other pointer- be
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You have to pick often to keep up with everbearing raspberries, though it's a .... The best time to find plants, early spring, is also the best time to plant them, ...
Early spring (late winter in the South) is the best time to plant raspberries. ... The handle usually dies back anyway unless conditions are perfect; it's not a ...
Raspberry plants need special care to ensure fruit propagation. ... This makes them perfect for home gardens—you can give them all the tender handling they ... Select raspberry cultivars that ripen at different times to spread out your harvest.
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