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Things You'll Need. Voltage tester. Wire cutter/stripper. Pliers. Screwdriver. Black electrical tape. 12-gauge cable. 20-amp circuit breakers. Insulated wire connectors. Instructions
Connect the black to black, white to black, and ground to green. It doesn't matter which black in the unit goes with the black or white in the wall. Turn the circuit breaker off before
Baseboard heater thermostats are a great way of regulating the temperature of a room. Baseboard heaters can have the thermostats connected directly to the heater or mounted externally
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Wiring Instructions for Marley 2500 Series. Electric Baseboard Heaters. General Safety Information: These instructions are intended to supplement the ...
Dec 17, 2010 ... Cadet Baseboard heaters are a cost efficient way to heat your home. ... part about´╗┐ connecting the wires from the supply to the heater itself.
How-to videos and Install Guides to help you install your electric heater. ... How- to videos. Wall heaters Baseboards Thermostats. How-to videos · Easily upgrade  ...
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